A few moments spent in consideration of the drawing of your blood.

Pain is easy.

You will find no extraordinary tortures here, no attempts to impress you with the esoteric or the devilish. That is the makework of fantasy.

Fantasy is an excellent tool. But it is not an end in and of itself

My purpose here is to remind you, graphically, that we are not fantasy. Any animal trainer will tell you the efficacy of pain. Call it “negative reinforcement”. Call it whatever you’d like. It is easy to do.

Of course, teaching an animal through pain is cruel, and perhaps morally wrong.

Teaching you, bitch, through pain… is merely my right.

More than that.

Why might I cause you to go through an experience which, if it succeeds, will make you wish to forget it… and never be able to do so?

Proof to yourself of what you will do for me.

A tangible demonstration of the power that flows between us.

Catharsis through brutality.

And more.

Think about these things.

Write me a paragraph on each of the points mentioned in the paragraph above. If you do not understand something, guess its meaning and write about what you think I am saying. There are no wrong answers here.


Lie on your side. Pull your knees in tight. Cross your hands and lock them around your ankles. Shut your eyes hard.


Don’t move don’t gasp don’t breathe loud enough for me to hear you.

Those hands, all your life a part of you, doing what you wanted, or trying to—whose are they now? Those eyes, separating you from darkness for as long as you’ve had conscious thought—they see darkness now.

Easy for the outside world to imagine a slave, unmoving in chains or rope. Easy for the outside world to think of you, held still, out of fear of whip or palm.

The outside world knows shit.

You and I—in our world, our shared home in space and time—we know that you are locked. Better than chains, which have weak links. Better than rope, which can slip or mis-knot. Better than a gun at your head.

You don’t move because you are mine.

I have locked you.

You will not move without my permission.

My permission is your only key.

(If you choose, continue here):

Let me make my authority a little clearer.

Make sure you are dressed.

Take in a good deal of liquid.

Wait until you need to piss.

Then wait until you really need it.

Disrobe, as I have already shown you.

Set a timer for five minutes, preferably one which ticks, or counts the seconds visibly or audibly.

Obey the next order, until the timer goes off.



When something clenches, but does not break, your skin, it generally has three stages: an initial shock of sensation, a continuing pressure as the clench continues, and a rush of feeling when the grip is released and blood flows back to the affected area.

Toys and situations which do this make good tools for sensation work. Reactions to pain vary, but the regime of mixed physical reactions…well, why discuss it in words?

Take two clothespins, and find a reliable clock, or a timer.

Put a clothespin on your right nipple. Put a clothespin on your pussy.

Arrange them within the limits of your pain tolerance; you will have to maintain this for some time. If the clothespins bite too harshly, as they probably will, put rubber bands on the grip ends. We are working with a triangle here: two nipples, and pussy.

Every five minutes, rotate the clothespins clockwise; clothespin on pussy goes to left nipple, clothespin on right nipple goes to left, clothespin on left nipple goes to pussy.

Continue this for an hour.

Or else:

Continue until you feel you cannot take any more.

Then, a few more minutes.

Be Still



In the corner.

Stare at a spot on the wall.

Be still.

Do you remember when you froze for me?
 Then, not moving was training, a lesson in place.

Now, it’s time for a very different lesson in that same subject.

You are to stay there, like a child, and the order is not “Don’t move!”—a suspension in place, awaiting release.

No. The order is “be still”. You move too much. You lack control. Your movements offend, they dishonor the intelligence and capabilities which I know—perfectly well—you possess.


Look at the wall!

Think about why you are there.

And be



a simple denial

For the next two days, during your free time, whenever you have free time, masturbate. Keep a record of what you do during those days, when your opportunities are, and when you took them.

You are not, per se, required to spend all of your free time thus.

But I had best, for your sake, see frequency and regularity of obedience. If you do not have time, find it.

You are not to come.

You are to think about it, imagine it, fantasize about it if your preferences so run..

You may anything you wish involving the matter of your orgasm.

Except have one.