“You are too good to me, pet.”

“I know, sir. But I’ll come to my senses eventually.”


Today, be beautiful for me.

Don’t let this be too easy or too hard. If you already find yourself beautiful, today you must excel. If you do not believe yourself beautiful, take today as a journey, not an exercise in frustration.

Do you like the way you take care of your body? Take care of it today with pride, knowing my pleasure in it. Do you feel otherwise? Do a few things different, watch your eating and your habits and activities. Don’t try to be perfect, don’t try, within the scope of this exercise, to begin a new lifestyle. Pamper your body today, just today, for me.

Do you have clothing that brings you pleasure? Wear it today. Carry yourself well, not stiff and unnatural, but remembering that your motions today are for me. You may be graceful or not; on this day, it doesn’t matter. Walk with an inner strength, hold your head high, express your pride in being mine.

When you bathe, when you come your hair or when your hand brushes against your skin, whenever you touch your body, know that your body gives me pleasure. Know that your flesh is lovely in my sight, sweet to my touch and taste.

Be beautiful today.

“What did you bring me?”

The outside world will tell you, if asked, what slaves bring masters: their bodies. Maddened by lust, you allow the most unspeakable torments and degradations, helpless, bending to my every whim.

Apparently, you’re supposed to be some sort of anatomically correct blow-up doll.

Is that what you are?


Then what have you brought me to prove otherwise?

Have you brought me a will? Can I ask you to do things that are difficult and challenging, and expect them to be done? Have you come to enhance my strength and knowledge and life, or to drain those things from me? If we are emotionally joined, can you comfort me if I am hurt or afraid?

Have you brought me a mind, the ability to make choices and judge circumstances? If I require a service from you, are you helpless if I do not provide every step? (We may or may not prefer that I do so, but that is a different matter.) If I want to know more of your thoughts, your feelings, your reactions, are you prepared to analyze them for me? If I do something stupid, will you be able to correct me? If I suggest something unwise, might you be able to point it out to me?

Have you come to be my partner? Our partnership may take a thousand forms, but everything we create is a mutual process. What skills do you bring? What knowledge? What are you prepared to teach me? Are you prepared to offer me some patience, allow me some of the imperfections of a human being?

Have you come here with only your fantasies about what I will do with you?

Or have you come for the much more difficult, far more powerful realities of what you and I could be?


“Why did you stop?”


“You were singing. Why did you stop?”

“I was just singing to myself, sir.”

“Well, go on, I’d like to hear it.”

“No, sir, I can’t sing, I just sing to myself sometimes. I’m sorry, I won’t do it again.”

“But I like it. I think you have a really pretty voice. Sing for me.”

“No, sir, really, I can’t.”

“Excuse me?”

Many submissives say that they want to give “everything”.

Usually, they also seem to feel that “everything” consists almost exclusively of things they don’t have. They somehow feel that aspects of their actual lives and selves are boring or silly. Apparently, I’m not supposed to like who and what they are— I’m only supposed to like what they will be, some day, when they stop being so damn human.

You may have much more to give me than you would think. Little things that you do, little skills that you have, little quirks of your own…offer them to me. Yes, I may not love absolutely everything, but I will be proud of you for showing me that side of yourself. It’s difficult, it makes us vulnerable, to show off our humanities instead of our supposed perfections. It is a powerful act of trust.

My submissives will find me singing, sometimes badly, sometimes in public. I’ll tell truly poor jokes. I wear funny clothing sometimes.

Why? Because I’m secure in my dominance. I am just as dominant wearing fuzzy bunny slippers and a comfy bathrobe, carrying a cup of tea, as I would be in a leather jacket and pants, carrying my singletail. And so I intend to be comfortable, to do what I like and be who I am.

If I don’t want you to do certain things, rest assured, I’ll tell you.

But if you truly want to give yourself to me— then give me yourself…not some bondage novel’s conception of what you should be.