Hello, and welcome to a bit of my mind.

This work is designed to provide a few explorations for those who like, or perhaps need, the feeling of being possessed by another. This is a complex subject, and GIVE is intended to be a relatively complex work. Please be forewarned about the following:

Like many others, I believe that submission is far too individual to nail down with anything resembling universal rules. With that in mind, I won’t even attempt to provide a “path” of submission. My intent is rather to provide a few stones; you can pave your own path, or throw them at me, as you so desire.

GIVE generally takes the form of instructions and thoughts, as if written by a male dominant for his female submissive. She is the “you” addressed here; I certainly do not mean to make any assumptions about the reader’s preferences and orientations.

GIVE is organized loosely into sections, each of which is a mixture of thoughts, observations, and potential exercises. I’ve intentionally tried to make this very subjective and personal. My intention is to give you a glimpse at some things that I think about; some parts of GIVE are my deep-rooted beliefs, others are theories or musings-aloud. I show you my thoughts and feelings because I hope they might be interesting, might give you more pieces of your personal puzzle—not because I necessarily expect or want you to agree with me.

To that end, I’ve specifically added dialogue that reflects conversations that I might get into, and sometimes conversations I’ve actually heard. I’ve used a lot of observations that are clearly pulled straight out of my own head. I’ve played with some dangerous subjects, which should be approached with discretion. And I’ve taken many approaches that might work well for some and won’t even make a pretense of being right for others.

Your Mileage May Vary.

Enough said.

Jeff Mach

August 26, 2000