Two lessons.

Raven’s power

Raven walked into the room, looked at me, looked at my playpartner, looked at my lovely vanilla friend.

Seven minutes later, my “vanilla” friend was tied to my playpartner; they wrapped their bodies around each other as Raven beat and touched and teased. I’ll never forget the look on Tia’s face, will never forget her half-muffled exclamations, “Sweet Jesus…”

That, I thought, was power.

Renee’s spanking

It wasn’t quite a scene. It was an opened door. And it happened in two swats to Renee’s ass.

The first was hesitant, but produced a murmur of approval. Slap. “Mmmm.” “You really liked that?” I asked timidly. “Of course!”

I’ll never know what moved my hand, how I made the jump from cautious experimentation to giving the bitch what she needed. I struck.


Her back arched, a cry tore its way up her throat and pulled past her bared teeth. Her head snapped up, her legs tightened; I could smell and feel her new wetness. In that instant, she was a superconductor; some fearal energy welled up deep within her, and bellowed its way out of her body. The shockwave passed through her, and slammed, like a thunderbolt, straight into me.

It’s still there…