I wrote GIVE several few years ago; at the time, I was in a longterm relationship without D/s, and the D/s side of me apparently couldn’t be repressed entirely. So I began to write down my thoughts, and the book slowly took shape.

At the time of this writing, I am 44 years old and live in Hackensack, New Jersey, right outside of New York City.

…As I write that last bit, it sounds to me almost like the “proofs” people put on the back of books on relationship counselling: “so-and-so has been married for twenty years to her partner…”

I don’t intend it that way; GIVE is, indeed, hopefully useful to (among others!) people who do some sort of lifestyle D/s. But it’s primarily about the exchange of power between consenting parties. It’s not about the specifics of developing a given relationship; it only offers tools for making chosen power a part of that relationship.

But I will say this… without those tools, I wouldn’t have had the courage, myself, to go after the relationships I now have.

I hope they may, in some or many ways, be equally helpful to you.